What is “The Other Side of This”?

This newsletter explores what people hope to take with them when we get to the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a space for shared vulnerability in a time of isolation.

Who writes it?

Hey! We’re Erin Cochran, Rachel Halliday and Kodiak Starr, the crew at Iced Coffee, Please., a communications and design company based in Washington, DC. We’re storytellers on the lookout for wisdom, a fresh perspective and solace during this crazy time.

What inspired it?

Isolation and a desire to connect with others! Erin is an extrovert who processes her emotions with other people. She was weary of her own inner dialogue about the impact of COVID-19 and curious what other people were learning, wrestling with and hoping to hold onto from this experience. Erin wanted to go beyond her immediate community and talk to folks she hadn’t heard from in awhile, and maybe, just maybe, that circle would expand further, and further. Together, we could find comfort in our shared vulnerability.